Xiaoyu “Rain” Li

Name: Xiaoyu “Rain” Li

Hometown: Taiyuan, China

Why did you choose GMCA? I was attracted to this program, because it is a 360-degree marketing program that includes all the aspects that I want to explore. GMCA’s difference with traditional MBA is that GMCA more on the marketing communication which I have special interest in, as I was a communication major during my undergrad. Also thanks to Dr. Ken, who recommended Emerson College and wrote great recommendation letter for me, which helped me become a member of GMCA 2011.

Career goals? I would like to work for a global marketing agency, as I have special interest on how cultural differences can influence the marketing decision. A perfect career should allow me to combine my marketing knowledge and cultural knowledge. Also my job should be challenging, as I hate dull and boring jobs. 

Have you ever work in your industry? I did an internship at a green energy company in Beijing. This company wanted to do a joint venture with an American solar energy company. Basically I worked like a “bridge” to ensure the better marketing communication between these two companies. I also assisted in researching the application of amorphous silicon PV solar panels produced by American company in China.

Fun fact: I have found  that cooking is much easier than marketing (I have been learning how to cook while I am here in the US)

If you could be any fictitious character, who would it be and why? I want to be SpongeBob, living in the depths of the ocean sponge. SpongeBob is very lovely, generous, friendly, and trustworthy. With his innocent smile, SpongeBob loves life, although there are a lot of troubles in front of him.


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